Live @ Monday Social | Proton Sessions 01

A quick rewind to July of 2008. My set at the Nacional in Hollywood was the very first one of what is now considered to be a tradition. In the past two years Proton Radio has successfully taken its sessions to Texas, New York and of course to the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The night was a blast and a special thank you goes out to Jason for putting it together, and to Renee for tackling the promotions and handling talent. Or was it handling promotions and tackling talent? I can’t recall.

Convert – Live @ MS

01 Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (H. Schwarz Rmx)
02 Nutownproject & Jeik – Petit Bruit
03 Brian Sanhaji – Kappa Effect
04 Johnny D – Walkman
05 Simon Baker – Bandit
06 Prompt – Elephant
07 Loco Dice – Tight Laces
08 Funkwerkstatt – Komet
09 Mri – Take Kare
10 Christian Smith & John Selway – Total Departure (Nihad Tule Rmx)
11 Phonic.lab Vs Fillippo Del Moro – The Hustler
12 Microdinamic – Debbie Does Dallas
13 Fabrizio Maurizi – Before The Wind
14 Markojux – Meet The Weavers
15 Uto Karem – Insideout
16 Bart Skils, Anton Pieete & District One – One 2 One
17 Swat-squad – Addict


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