Isolated Incidents

Isolated Incidents is one my most popular mixes of the past few years. It’s a nice blend of different genres, seamed together with long mixes and subtle use of mixer effects. Overall, Isolated Incidents dances on the edge of minimal-tech and house music with some ass-shaking bounce. It has a good, yet controlled, energy and nicely chugs along to a roaring finish. I remember how much I enjoyed recording this set and oddly enough I still dig this mix a lot. And that’s a rare thing for me.

Convert – Isolated Incidents
01 Butane – Sine Language
02 Tiefschwarz – Damage feat. Tracey Thorn (Rmx)
03 Phage, Daniel Dreier – Finger Food
04 Phage, Daniel Dreier – Low Buddy
05 Serafin – Berlin Has No Cows
06 Angel De Castro – Siete De Hombre (Ok Mix)
07 Gummihz – Isolate (Sebo K Rmx)
08 Pheek – Magda Had A Little Troll (Gurtz Rmx)
09 Luke Le Mans – The Docks
10 Pan – The Lizard
11 3 Channels – Lady Salata
12 Andrei Morant – The Ripper
13 Tigerskin – Traumatic


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